Low-cost Autonomous Robot Transportation will Change Outdoor Logistics

There are many companies that move heavy objects outdoors, usually with trucks, machinery, or people carrying them, usually for intralogistics but also for other cases. With increasing competition, “working hard” just isn’t enough to keep income coming in.

This is where robot transportation changes things. Imagine instead of spending thousands per month on workers, who may call in sick or quit, instead, you can rely fully on an affordable robot instead.

There are some high-cost robot transportation options for delivery, but their business model usually targets package or food delivery, not applicable to most businesses.

Low-cost robot transportation

What makes our robot transportation unique?

There are some other general line-following robots, but you’ll need to invest on average $50K per robot. If you need to regularly transport heavy objects at your workplace, there aren’t any affordable autonomous options that exist, until now.

Our Voidwalking robot transportation solution allows your company to consistently transport 50 lbs of goods, all for just $300/mon. This robot doesn’t get tired, and at about $10/day, it will easily out perform what any human can do.

After 10 minutes of lifting, a human will get tired, but robots stay consistent. This robot is great for places where trucks can’t go, and there’s no need to lift heavy goods up and down from a high truck bed, either.

What happens if the robot breaks down?

Robots are like cars in that they need routine maintenance. We have a great remote support team to help debug any problems that may arise, and because of the low cost, you can always keep a spare and transfer licenses as necessary.

Our management of all data is completely digitized, too. Controls and data is organized in our app. Set waypoints, diagnose robot problems, and determine where your robot is through our simple app.

Instead of calling a manager or various people to figure out why there are problems, robot transportation allows you to check your whole fleet with just a few clicks.

Generally, when working with expensive robots, the team doesn’t have the capacity to quickly iterate on any features needed for the robot or app; but because we’re a small team dedicated to our customers, we can quickly add any new sensor, navigation pattern, or idea.

Because our software and hardware is simpler, we are flexible enough to work with customers to tailor the robot to their workplace, instead of trying to tailor the workplace to the robot.Ultimately, robots will change outdoor logistics because it has the capacity to drastically scale work output.

Our robots get much cheaper in bulk, and we’ll guarantee to work with you until your work output doubles. If you are transportation 1000 lbs/day, we can make it 2000 lbs, while reducing your costs.

Your also future-proofing your operations as our robots will improve in speed and payload, yet the price will stay the same.Robot transportation has potential to drastically increase logistical efficiency, and the industry is at an exciting time, as robots are becoming more popular. If you’re interested in being apart of the revolution, read more about our Voidwalking solution and contact us to get started!