About us

Void Robotics will allow you to fill a void for any affordable industrial robot with a robotics labor marketplace. Input information about a job, and we’ll find a robot to automate it. We primarily are working on the following:

  1. Robotics Labor Marketplace: Building a robotics labor marketplace on this website to facilitate creating more affordable industrial robots
  2. Solutions: Working on robots for other companies, primarily on MVPs for startups
  3. Voidmotion: The first all-terrain robotics motion software; plug this software into your robot to load and save maps and move to waypoints
  4. Affordable Robots: A line of affordable robots to fill niche needs in the industry

Our mission is to help solve all major world problems, especially through decentralizing power. Robotics can be used to centralize money and power. We are working to decentralize this power by allowing any person with $500 to make a fully autonomous robot to be used for any application.

The Team

We are a 40+ member team of robotics engineers from across the world, specializing in Artificial Intelligence and ROS systems. The CEO is Nathan George with a Masters in Robotics Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He was the only full-time engineer for a robotic startup that raised $500K for an MVP that included 2D->3D reconstruction, a gantry with other electronics, and neural networks. Void Robotics is composed of various other startups that we work closely with to accomplish complex robotics challenges.