About us

Void Robotics aims to fill any labor void with our affordable labor marketplace. We help clients save labor costs with a full-service robotics automation plan to maintain work output with remote operators starting at $1K/yr. The mission of Void Robotics is to help solve all major world problems with autonomous robots, especially world hunger, affordable housing, and self-defense. Similar to other trillion-dollar marketplaces, this is best done by partnering with solution providers.

The Team

We are a 40+ member team of robotics engineers from across the world, specializing in Artificial Intelligence and ROS systems. The CEO is Nathan George with a Masters in Robotics Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He was the only full-time engineer for a robotic startup that raised $500K for an MVP that included 2D->3D reconstruction, a gantry with other electronics, and neural networks. Void Robotics is composed of various other international startups that we work closely with to accomplish complex robotics challenges.