Advertise your Robot

Do you want more people to look at your robot or parts but don’t want to spend $100s or $1000s on an agency? We have various programs to meet your needs!

Example LinkedIn Post


  • Post
  • View-based
  • At less than half the cost of LinkedIn Ads, we will create a LinkedIn post and blog post at the cost of $3 per 1000 impressions, after 3 weeks of runtime. Our average impressions count is 5000 targeting robotic enthusiasts and decision makers, or $15 for a permanent inbound lead creation tool.
  • Affiliate Partnership
  • 5%
  • We’ll sign you up for our affiliate program, where we will sell your products for you, with just a 5% commission rate. Alternatively, we can sign up for yours.
  • Marketplace Sponsorship
  • $10/mon
  • We will spotlight your company’s product page on our Robotics Marketplace. In doing so, the majority of our customers will see your company’s product, and we also throw in free LinkedIn and blog posts