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Do you want more people to look at your robot or parts but don’t want to spend $100s or $1000s on an agency? We have various programs to meet your needs! Our audience is engineers, developers, and executives from tech hubs across the US and India, and often get interest from companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Google! Our average engagement is 5000 impressions/post with many reaching over 50,000 impressions, and we are quickly growing 100s of followers every month!

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  • Post Ads
  • $20/mon
  • We’ll post about your robotics company or product once per month to our 8000+ LinkedIn network. Our average engagement is 5000 impressions/post from robotics enthusiasts and decision makers. We’ll also prioritize your products on our upcoming robotics marketplace.
  • Affiliate Partnership
  • 15%
  • We’ll create an affiliate partnership program, where we will sell your products for you. If you already have another pricing structure and program, we can consider that as well.