Custom Robot Build Instructions

The following are generic instructions for building a Newmind custom robot:

  1. Charge your batteries using the Balance Charger.
  2. Assemble the chassis.
      1. For tracks, if the pins stick out or the track bolts aren’t tight, the tracks may not move correctly on carpet.
  3. Connect the positioning sensor to the chassis.
      1. If it’s a stereo camera, the robot shouldn’t be seen at all, and tilt the camera downwards until enough white (free) space is created near the robot but upwards enough so the environment is seen for creating SLAM features.
      2. If using a USB 3.0 sensor, if it’s not connected at the furthest port from the wire that leads to the computer (in Linux, the 1st port), the data might be skewed.
  4. Connect the robot’s computer to the chassis.
      1. If using the Jetson Nano, install the WiFi chip.
  5. Connect the motor controller to the chassis.
      1. For the Adafruit shield, assemble it, attach it to the Arduino Mega, and connect the power/ground wires to the M1-4 ports.
  6. Connect the computer battery to the chassis and computer.
  7. Connect the motor controller battery to the chassis and controller.

Congrats! You’re ready for the software installation.