For Investors

If you are interested in investing into the robotics industry, we have many options that can suit your preferences. All of our current projects or future ideas come with an approximately 10-page business plan detailing our experience as prototypers since 2017, the vision, market analysis, project’s technical details, financial model, sales strategy, and more. Our ask is generally a standard equity deal, such as $100K for 10% or product licensing through royalties. We ask that you sign our NDA first.

Current Projects


Voidwalking is the first solution worldwide to autonomously transport 50 lbs of goods and cost as low as $1/hr. Through GPS-based navigation and an app, you can autonomously move 50 lbs of material 24 hrs/day. You may buy licenses at $5000 each, and this money is solely used for developing more features for the system. Whenever a client wants to lease our robot, your license has priority and will earn you $1/hr of work.

Low-cost robot transportation; affordable robotics

Future Ideas


VoidPlants will be the first solution in the world to help homeowners profit from growing food. It comes with sensors and an app that tracks data for all of your plants and crops. Many existing solutions cost thousands of dollars, but ours will cost about $20 + $1/mon each. Many people have expressed interest in growing their own food, either for sustenance or for profit, but it can be a challenge to know the needs of the plants. Our solution tells you step-by-step everything you need to do from seed to harvest, so there’s no learning required. Investors can buy this solution and grow their own food to sell to local restaurants and businesses.

Robotic Food Truck

The robotics food truck is a concept to make the world’s most affordable system to cook food. After all expenses, a traditional restaurant costs over a million to setup, while food trucks can profit about $5-10K/mon with only $50K upfront needed. Having spent 3 years developing a robotics kitchen, we have created a business plan for an improved design. With a footprint able to fit 3 in a single truck, costing less than $10K each, we can make a system that can deliver any kind of bowl dish anywhere. The food is consistent, and the automation removes a few employees, the largest expense. Some other companies are attempting this, but the majority are expensive, leading to 5+ years on ROI, and none can do bowl dishes. We believe a person who uses our food truck, in the right location, can make an ROI in less than a year.

Weeding Robot

One of the largest problems for farmers is weeds, and existing solutions are expensive. Paying a person is expensive, and existing robots cost between $60K – $1.2M. We have created a plan that uses our Voidwalking solution along with existing tine solutions to autonomously weed acres of land using RTK GPS. Being the most affordable solution for weeding in the world, farmers can expect an ROI immediately, as they’re paying less for weeding.