Full-service Robotics Automation

Would you like to scale existing revenue with robot laborers?

How does Full-service Automation work?


Because the majority of robotic startups fail, we employ a thorough architecting process to ensure the solution will succeed. To view in detail in Google Chrome, right-click the image, click “Open image in new tab,” and zoom in.


We’ll form partnerships with any original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and software providers to ensure long-term operations via warranties and service agreements. We have a network of over 100 engineers from various companies. Intermode is an example of a company we’ve partnered with.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

We will buy, integrate, or build any robot! With our huge network, we can solve any robotics problem in hardware, electronics, or software. For example, the below plant-trimming robot uses a custom-firmware gantry and stereo calibrated industrial camera with a ToF camera to reconstruct the plant in 3D. It then uses a supervised segmenting neural network to find the places to trim, all built in ROS. The tennis robot uses OpenCV to detect the ball, and our custom-designed chassis can pick up the ball, store it, and shoot it out!

Beta Testing

We will ship out a fully working solution of what labor you need automated, and test it at your facility until it’s working as expected for 2 weeks. See first-hand how paying an employee $20/hr to do routine work just isn’t as good as getting a robot to do it.

Long-term Operations

With remote fleet management, we can monitor and analyze the robot’s performance. Our operators are trained to remotely take over the robot whenever a critical failure happens so that your productivity doesn’t decrease. Your current payments to us are halted, and an operator will dedicate 8 hrs/day at a $15/hr rate until the problem is fixed. For critical hardware failures, similar to repairs at a car shop, we will help you determine the warranty and service agreement of the failed part and facilitate buying new parts. We’ll also constantly add features and fix bugs in the system, depending on how many robots you buy.