Internship Program


If you are interested in working on real-world, complex engineering problems, consider applying to our internship program. In 2023, we had about 63 interns with about 15-30 at any given time. We allow any citizenship status, including internationals from any country that is allowed. We allow post-completion OPT or CPT, but not pre-completion OPT. Our internships are fully remote. You will need a laptop, but we also have remote servers to access our hardware. Note that every candidate that finishes the application has been accepted.

Your Work

You’ll be working on any of our projects listed on this website. Potential languages include C++, Bash, ROS2, Arduino, and/or Python. Software topics include simulation, path/motion planning, firmware, sensor fusion, obstacle avoidance, interfacing, CI/CD. Hardware topics include CAD, 3D printing, PCB design, and more. After you choose which type of engineering you’d like to focus in, most of your specific tasks will be chosen by your manager; but if you reach mid-level rank, you can have more of a say on what tasks you want to work on. Our goal is to give you tasks you enjoy working on, while balancing what is needed most at the time.


Although we’d prefer to give each intern a stipend, we’d rather give 50-70 interns/yr a great learning experience than pay 1-2. We are currently seeking funding for which to provide a stipend.


We’ve had over 70 interns on OPT or CPT. Note that 95% of our interns tell us they love their time here, and even 50% of them extend their internships. We regularly help interns get full-time jobs and admittance into college. Many say there are few other opportunities to learn complex robotics for a real product. View some of our unrequested testimonials: Manan Malpani and Ahmad Serhal. We care greatly that you learn the skills needed for an entry-level robotics job. We adhere to all rules stated by the FLSA. At least 50 advisors signed off on our program that doesn’t have a base salary. Because about 300 college students reach out to us each year and because there are very few paid robotics internships globally, our goal is to be a positive environment where students can learn enough to get a job.


This internship will focus on our Voidwalking navigation project. Our work varies from Docker deployment, C++ navigation tuning, debugging ROS2 data, and more. Choose this internship if you want to work on complex software problems.

This internship will focus on our VoidPlants data project. The work varies from PCB design, CAD design, and mid-level coding. Choose this internship if you want to work on mechanical, electrical, or mid-level coding challenges.