Robotics Marketplace

Find any robot laborer, like Indeed.

Find any robot part, like Home Depot.

Our Robotics Labor Marketplace is a tool to get any autonomous labor for an hourly rate. Labor automation is the next revolution for humanity. We’ve seen a similar revolution in information and technology, with Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple; but with robotics, 99% of startups fail, either due to the robot missing features or the overall cost is too high. Our marketplace will help solve this problem by changing the way people build robots. Instead of creating everything from scratch or open-source, buy high-level modules that can be integrated together with ROS2. Our marketplace is the only place that fills any void in your robot with high-level modules for software, hardware, and services.

Which robots qualify?

We define a robot as a system that uses sensor-based closed-loop systems to enhance manipulation or analyzing of the physical environment. To us, washing machines and industrial manipulators are machines, not robots. Beyond safety conditions, their manipulation or analysis happens from preset programming or timers, also known as an open-loop system. A robot is like a self-driving car or air conditioner, which improves decision-making based on Lidar, camera, temperature, and other types of sensors. Why is this distinction important? Robots, like our mission statement, are meant to automate labor. While machines do this already, robots can automate 10,000x more jobs, and our marketplace is trying to facilitate the Robotics Revolution.

Why should I buy robots?

You might be asking yourself, “Why should I hire robots instead of people?” Not only were humans made for higher-skilled labor, robots are more efficient at routine and repetitious tasks:

Work QualityInconsistentConsistent
Hiring ReliabilitySometimesAlways
Working DaysVacations, Sick, Parental LeaveAll
Customer ServiceTheft, Bad AttitudeKind and Good
CostHourly WageLower Hourly Wage (See Full-service Operations)