Plant Diagnosing

Routinely check your plants for the following issues. If you’re unsure, try using the PictureThis app auto-diagnosing feature.

  • Leaves
    • Wilting & Discoloration: If the topsoil is overly wet, don’t water for a week. If the soil near the bottom of the roots is dry, it needs more water. If none of the above, give less light.
    • Crunchy: If the bottom soil is dry, needs more water. If the soil is normal, needs less light.
    • CurlingHigh temperature or low water
  • Pests
  • Roots
    • Black: Don’t water for a week.
    • Root-bound: If you decide to start your seeds in smaller pots, transplant a seedling when you see a 3rd leaf, or a growing plant when it’s root-bound. Gradually introduce the plant to greater levels of light to prevent scorching, known as hardening off.
  • Stems
    • Black: Don’t water for a week.
    • Leggy (Long Stems): Give more light
  • Soil