1. Software Installation

1. Setup the controlling computer

The controlling computer is where the user will input the goals for the robot. Check your computer’s architecture using “lsb_release -a” and “uname -m”.  Voidmotion is only built for the following architectures:

Gazebo Server

  1. Ubuntu 64-bit 16.04.6

Physical Robot Server

  1. Ubuntu 64-bit 16.04.6
  2. Jetson TX2 Jetpack Aarch 64-bit 16.04
  3. Jetson Nano Jetpack Aarch 64-bit 18.04

Controlling Client

  1. Ubuntu 64-bit 16.04.6

Machine Settings

  1. Cores: 2 for primary boot or 4 for VM
  2. RAM: 8GB
  3. Virtualbox 3D Acceleration: To speed up Gazebo for Virtualbox, in Display, graphics controller is VMSVGA and Enable 3D Acceleration is checked.
  4. WiFi: For Virtualbox, in Network, use Bridged Adapter and find your wireless card
  5. (optional) Increase Screen Size: For Virtualbox, Files > VBox_GAs… > Run Software
  6. (optional) Clipboard: For Virtualbox, run “sudo /usr/bin/VBoxClient –clipboard”


  1. Voidmotion will not work on a primary boot Ubuntu 18.04 due to some ROS packages that aren’t ported yet.