VoidPlants App

WiFi & Power

  • RSSI–The WiFi Receiver Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) determines how close the device is to your router. 0 is perfect and -100 is worst. Aim for at last -60. If your device is awake and the “Sleeps In” is not updating, move your device closer to the router.
  • Sleep–If you pressed the physical wakeup button, press this button to immediately put the device to sleep.
  • Sleeps In–If the device is awake and the state is blue, this is the number of seconds until the device sleeps.
  • State–The circle in the top left represents the power state of the device. It wakes up and turns blue every 2 hours to relay data to the cloud for a few seconds. It’s purple if it’s sleeping.

Plant Growth

Click on any of the respective buttons for more data and analytics:

  • Light–The light sensor tracks light in the “lux” unit. The “lux-hours per day” tracks how much light your plants are getting on average. Use shading cloth or greenhouses to add or remove light and temperature.
  • Temperature–The temperature sensor will send a notification if the surrounding temperature is too hot or cold. Use shading cloth or greenhouses to add or remove light and temperature.
  • Water & Fertilizer–The water sensor tracks the moisture content of the soil. There will be an error message if the soil is too dry or too wet. Ensure your water is fertilized if your soil is not.


  • Dashboard–The dashboard is the first page when opening this app. It will show you each product along with a color state. Green means all data for that device is healthy, while red means something is wrong.
  • Notifications–Each day from 8-10am EST, the app will notify you if that garden needs attention. Further customization can be done by clicking the top right (i) > “…” > Notification Settings.