VoidPlants – Grow unlimited healthy food with data!

Every homeowner should grow their own food! Did you know that most US homeowners do not grow food, and those that do only produce on average 3.5% of their grocery bill (source 1, source 2)? We provide the most affordable solution to make gardening easy for anyone!

Waterproof Sensors

10+ Species from our Garden

  • Tomatoes and Rosemary

  • Basil Bush

  • Curry Tree

  • Banana Tree

  • Pineapples

  • Eggplant

  • Lime Trees

  • 30+ Mangoes

  • Snake Plants

  • Cucumbers

  • Watermelon

App Data and Analytics

Why Buy?

Our customers have voiced many concerns that existing solutions and technology can’t fix.

Optimize a Plant’s Yield

Unlike timer-based solutions, our system is one of the first to guarantee that your plants are getting the perfect amount of water, light, and heat! Your tomato plant might go from producing 3 tomatoes to 10 per plant!

No More Death

Are you tired of your plants dying and not knowing why? Whether your problem is mold, dehydration, scorching, frost, or more, we will tell you!

Save on Groceries

The average garden yields $600/yr! If you want to save money and eat healthier, stop buying food: start growing it!

Lifetime Warranty

If any part of our product stops working and you own a subscription, you can return it, and we will give you a replacement for free.

No Studying Needed

Most apps require you to study for years to grow 30+ species, and info is region-specific. “Full sunlight” is different from Florida to Maine. We use real data to be the expert for you!

Bill Gates on crop data

When you think of digital technology, you don’t think of measuring soil moisture, you don’t think about helping people know when to plant or understand what’s going wrong on their farm, but if we can make these sensors small enough, cheap enough, then the chance to get this down to more and more farmers, get them additional productivity, it’s pretty exciting…Any data you can get to farmers can make a huge difference. The weather is always highly variable. Deciding should they invest in fertilizer? When do they plant? Understanding which crop would be the right one at this time? Even 20% more productivity means that they can afford school fees, save a little bit for a tough year. — Bill Gates


  • 1 Device
  • $64.99
  • Buy the most affordable plant data solution! The warranty is limited to our Terms & Conditions, and you may buy up to 5 before a subscription is required.
  • Subscription
  • $20/yr
  • Buy our subscription to have access to more than 5 devices.
  • 11+ devices
  • Contact
  • If you’d like more than 10 devices, contact us for specialized pricing as well as letting us know which features to prioritize!

By purchasing anything on this page, you agree to our Terms & Conditions (T&C). Our product is still in the beta testing phase: please don’t expect a reliable product! Note you will also need to buy this battery charger. If we are out-of-stock, note that more are coming soon!


Sensor Data

soil moisture, light, and temperature data, every 2 hours

Battery Life

The battery will last about 3-6 months, depending on how often it’s turned on, and is an 18650 rechargeable 3.7V battery. The battery is not initially fully charged.


Each day, you will be notified of anything wrong with your plant.


iOS and Android app, via WiFi or mobile data


Our product can stay outside during the rain. Make sure to follow our waterproofing instructions.


The box is 3.75″ x 3.75″ x 1.5″.

OTA Updates

We’ll automatically update the software in your device and the app.

Suggest a Feature

If there’s a feature you want, contact us and let us know!

VoidPlants Garden Instructions

Learn how to garden with Void Robotics’ tools. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.


  1. Determine: Use a solar map and online blogs to determine which seeds to buy based on your light levels. If you’re new to gardening, choose large vegetable seeds.
  2. Purchase: Buy these seeds at Home Depot or Amazon.
  3. Store: Place the seeds in your refrigerator when not in use.


  1. Buy: One of the cheapest ways to get large quantities of high-quality soil is Facebook Marketplace or Home Depot.
  2. Soil: Using a trowel, add nutrient-rich soil to a potgrow bag, or a raised bed. (Stick a pH sensor in the soil for 30 seconds if unsure of it’s quality; the reading should be 7-8, not under 4.)
  3. Drainage: If it’s a container, ensure the bottom has 2-3 drainage holes or pooled water will rot the roots. (If its an indoor plant, it’s best to add a water saucer underneath the pot to catch the water.)
  4. Requirements: Sowing and germination require the following: correct expiration date, temperature between 65-85°F (heat mat), high humidity without algae growth, very moist soil, sowed 2-3x the thickness of the seed deep in the soil, and soil that is sifted and nutrient-rich, not rocky.
  5. Sowing: Wait about 4-15 days.  If 50% or more of your seeds aren’t sprouting, we recommend the Paper Towel Method and placing your saplings high off the ground so animals cannot eat.
  6. (Optional) Map: Plan a layout for your garden with the Planter app!


  1. Setup Hardware: Open the box, and place the battery into its holder. Place the lid on the box, and ensure the box is upright, not on its side. Ensure all cable glands are tight, or water may leak in!
  2. Setup Software:
    1. Check your email for an invitation to join the Blynk app with credentials for your product. (Do not download manually because app access initiates through the emailed link.)
    2. On the homepage, add a new device. Follow the steps, and your device will be connected to your WiFi. Enter a name and icon for your device, for example, based on its location or what you are growing.
    3. To verify, the top right “bell” icon will have a notification.
  3. Placing: Place the moisture sensor in the ground near the plant’s roots. Every 2 hours, your app will update. Ensure the light sensor is not shaded or the data will be inaccurate! Press the physical wake-up button, verify “State” turns blue (online), and that “Sleeps in” is counting down. If it’s not, move your device closer to your WiFi router, and try again.
  4. Charging: Buy a battery charger for 18650 3.7V Lithium-ion batteries. The device’s battery drains faster based on how often the wakeup button is pressed. Note the given battery is not fully charged.


  1. Use the App: Click the button to learn how to use the app and find tips on adjusting sensor issues.
  2. Diagnose: Click the button to learn how to fix various issues, such as diseases, pests, dry soil, leggy plants, root-bound roots, and weeds. Alternatively, you can take a snapshot of the issue, and PictureThis will give you a solution.
  3. Reproduction: Some plants like watermelons need to be hand-pollinated, by rubbing a male flower’s pollen inside of a female flower. Check if your crop needs pollinating via YouTube. As you pick your crops, remember to keep the seeds for future use. YouTube is also a great resource for learning how to propagate. For example, by cutting a stem off a tomato plant and soaking the stem in water, you can develop a new root system.